Tuesday, August 13, 2013

At Last! A FIX for the annoying FULLSCREEN bug

in Chrome and Chromium!

Since sometime in 2011, Google Chrome and it's open source equivalent Chromium have been plagued with the dreaded ''Fullscreen'' bug which *seems* to occur randomly after updates. I've labored over editing configuration files in the past, so that I didn't have to restart with a blank user profile, and then rebuild, which is most often suggested as the only solution.So when I got slammed with the bug again today, and was painfully searching for the info I needed to once again do a manual edit of the configuration file, I found this little gem - A solution that is painless, and nothing short of miraculous! Thanks Dansoonie, for sharing this with the rest of us! You are AWESOME!


In a nutshell, when faced with this problem, you simply change your screen resolution to one SMALLER than you normally use. Your browser will resize itself accordingly. After that, it's simply a matter of reverting back to your normal screen resolution, and your problem is permanently fixed! No need to lose your existing profile settings, no need to painstakingly edit the profile defaults by hand!

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