Sunday, May 9, 2010

Protect Yourself from Virus and Malware Attacks!

Lately it seems there has been a rash of infections amongst my personal group of friends and family members, so I thought I would post a few links for effective ways to increase the levels of protection from such events. My personal favorite, as anyone who knows me or has talked to me about such matters, is using virtually any version of LINUX instead of Windows, particularly if your computer activities are primarily focused online!

Buying Guide to Anti-Virus Software

(BTW, I've personally used and suggested AVG for years!)

Another good free Anti-Virus, now for Windows too!

LINUX users have used ClamAV for years, BTW!

My personal favorite choice for avoiding virus and malware attacks:

More good reading on this topic:

And for those that want to know more, my favorite LINUX distributions:

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