Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Google Hatchet is falling on the Chrome web browser

Over the years I have encouraged countless numbers of computer users to switch from the notoriously insecure Internet Explorer web browser to a much more secure Google Chrome web browser instead.

Unfortunately, one of the pitfalls of using ANY Google produced product is Google's notorious habit of randomly and arbitrarily discontinuing products with little or no apparent concern for the users that have come to depend on those products.

Recently millions of users of the Google Chrome browser have been getting notices that the notorious Google Hatchet is about to fall on their Chrome web browser. Users of the old Windows XP, Windows Vista, and users of 32bit Linux operating systems are due to lose all security updates for their Chrome web browser effective March 2016.

Conspiracy aficionados are claiming this is due to a behind the scenes 'deal' between Google and Microsoft to force owners of these older computers to purchase new computers running a new version of Windows. In reality, anyone with any real experience using Google developed products and services knows that this is just a recent example of Google being Google.

So.... The big questions is, if you are one of the millions of computer users that are seeing this message, what should you do?

1) If you are still using Windows XP then STOP. Upgrade if you can, to at least Windows 7/8, assuming that you just HAVE to keep using Windows. Upgrading to Vista is pointless at this stage of the game, since support for Vista is due to end in early 2017.

2) If you are still using Windows Vista, it's time to get your upgrade ducks in a row as well. Again, if you simply MUST keep using Windows, you should check into whether or not your computer can be upgraded to Windows 7/8.

3) If you are using a 32 bit LINUX system, thne it's time to look into a 64bit upgrade if your machine can handle one. If not, then for now, your best solution is to stop using Chrome, and switch to Firefox instead. Be aware that the chances of Firefox also following Google's lead on dropping support for these systems in the future is probably very high.

4) Win XP/Vista users also have the option of switching to Firefox as well, with the understanding that this may be a stopgap solution if Firefox follows Google's lead in support for these systems.

5) Needless to say, my suggestion for everyone is to upgrade to a 64bit LINUX operating system. If your computer can't handle this, then by all means, it's time to start shopping for a new computer.

You can see the details of the announcement of Google's intent to take their notorious hatchet to Chrome by visiting this webpage:

And if you do decide that switching to Firefox is the best solution for your situation, the simplest way that I know to accomplish that is to download it directly from Mozilla here:

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