Saturday, October 4, 2014

When is a pound not a pound? Another rant against modern marketing tactics!

In the beginning, marketing was about coming up with new and creative ways to introduce and sell products. Unfortunately, nowadays marketing is more about misdirection and tricking the consumer into believing they are buying something other than what they are really paying for. 

Take this product from Kraft Foods/Oscar Mayer for example-

Over 20% of the label at the top boldly proclaims the customer is purchasing a ONE POUNDER package. In reality, the fine print points out that 32% of the package contents are 'other ingredients', i.e. NOT ham. So the consumer is NOT buying ONE POUND of ham, they are actually buying slightly less than 11 OUNCES. 

Sorry Kraft Foods/Oscar Mayer, but this type of labeling crosses the line from marketing into outright DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING.

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